Xtera® to Speak at Subsea Connect 2017

July 29th, 2017 – Xtera®, a provider of innovative subsea fibre optic solutions, announces today that its Chief Technical Officer, Tony Frisch, will be speaking at Subsea Connect 2017 in Marseille, France. Mr. Frisch will join executives from Alcatel Submarine Networks and Tata Communications on the panel, “Extending the Lifespan of Cables – The Best Way to Optimise Cable Investment?” Drawing upon his in-depth knowledge of subsea terminal equipment and upgrades, as well as experience testing, commissioning and troubleshooting submarine systems, he will analyze the comparative advantages of extending the lifespan of an existing submarine cable versus building a new one from the perspective of cable owners and operators.

“Even as new transoceanic and regional cable system builds make trade headlines nearly every day, undersea cables nearing or already exceeding their planned technical lifespan present pressing questions related to maximising ROI, while new systems have the same economic along with environmental concerns,” comments Mr. Frisch. “Along with my distinguished colleagues, I look forward to participating in a robust discussion at Subsea Connect as we strive to determine criteria for the upgrade of aging cable systems or the decision to commission new cables.”

WHAT: Panel Discussion: “Extending the Lifespan of Cables – The Best Way to Optimise Cable Investment?”
WHERE: Subsea Connect 2017 in Marseille, France
WHEN: Wednesday, July 12, 2017    9:30 a.m. – 10:30 a.m.
WHO: Tony Frisch, Chief Technical Officer, Xtera

Paul Gabla, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer, Alcatel Submarine Networks

Christos Holevas, Senior Manager International Network Development, Tata Communications

About Xtera®

Xtera is an innovative provider of sub-sea telecoms solutions. The company supplies both un-repeatered and repeatered systems, using its high performance optical amplifiers to deliver traffic directly inland to cities. Xtera creates novel solutions that are suited for each individual customer whether that be provision of a full turnkey system, an open architecture design or supply of a particular product or service. We aim to challenge the norm and to provide more reliable and higher quality products over new and existing routes. Xtera is a flexible supplier who works with a variety of partners to create the best solution for each project and every customer. For more information please visit www.heydan.uk or contact info@heydan.uk.