Xtera is an innovative provider of sub-sea telecoms solutions and carries and extensive portfolio of intellectual property

We supply both un-repeatered and repeatered systems, using high-performance optical amplifiers to deliver traffic directly inland to cities and data centre locations.

Our team create novel solutions that are suited for each individual customer whether that be provison of a full turnkey system, an open architecture design or supply of a particular product or service. We aim to challenge the norm and to provide more reliable and higher quality products over new and exisiting routes.

Xtera is a flexible supplier. We work with a variety of partners to create the best solutions for each project and every customer. Xtera’s primary objectives are to offer high capacity, high reliabilty systems which:

 Are genuinely open to any suitable terminal equipment

 Can extend inland to a Data-centre or Pop, without back-to-back terminals

Can be turnkey, re-deployment or upgrade

Xtera is the market leader in responding to challenging and interesting systems, and provides best-in-class project management and customer support.

Xtera has deployed its optical networking solution in over 60 countries and on 60+ projects. Starting with 10 Gbps line rate, interface cards delivering 100, 150 and 200 Gbps are now deployed in the field. Xtera has been awarded projects on 21 repeatered and 14 unrepeatered submarine cable networks, most of them having multiple project phases and upgrades.

Turnkey Deployments / Redeployments

Xtera has successfully completed challenging deployments on numerous submarine cable system projects including 14 turnkey deployment/redeployment projects:

6 repeatered redeployments:

  • C&W (Now Vodafone): Bermuda — US
  • C&W (Now Vodafone): CBUS
  • C&W (Now Vodafone): East — West Phase I and Phase II
  • AT&T: GOKI
  • 2022 Faroese Telecom: CANTAT-3 Reconfiguration

6 Turnkey repeatered new builds:

  • NO-UK England Cable
  • DISA: GTMO — Puerto Rico
  • Caribbean Submarine Award Feb 2021
  • Galapagos Cable Award Mar 2021
  • Central America Award (4200km) Apr 2022 (under NDA)

1 repeatered conversion:

  • Vodafone: HUGO

2 unrepeatered new builds:

  • Faroese Telecom: SHEFA-2
  • Tamares Telecom: Tamares North
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