Trans Americas Fiber System and Xtera announce initial construction of ground-breaking TAM-1 Submarine Cable System

London, UK – September 11, 2023 – Trans Americas Fiber System and Xtera announce initial construction has begun on the new TAM-1 submarine cable system (formerly known as Trans Caribbean Fiber System). TAM-1 is the first fiber optic cable specifically designed to meet the exploding demand for data in the Trans-Americas region, advancing connectivity solutions through state-of-the-art products and services.

Designed for low latency and high-capacity solutions, the TAM-1 system covers more than 7,000km and will link Florida with Central America and the wider Caribbean. Ready For Service is planned for 2025. TAM-1 is the first stage of a broader digital infrastructure project, which will be carried out over the next five years, creating a large scale, high reliability network across the entire Caribbean Basin, with extensions to pacific South America.

As the turnkey EPC supplier, Xtera will project manage the construction process, providing their innovative repeaters, branching units and submarine line terminals. Marine installation services and fiber optic cable will be provided by industry-leading partners. AT&T, acting as the anchor tenant and landing party for the system in all U.S. jurisdictions, has played a pivotal role since conception of the project. Sustainability and environmental responsibility are important principles for Trans Americas Fiber System, AT&T and Xtera, which will be observed throughout system production, construction, and operation.

“The region is finally getting the state-of-the-art connectivity platform it requires to foster growth across industries, and further contribute to closing the digital divide. With TAM-1 we aim to increase access to information and make our contribution to improving the quality of life for the people in the communities we serve,” said Julio Bran, Chief Executive Officer of Trans Americas Fiber System, adding, “The launch of TAM-1 today comes as the result of an enormous effort from our founding partners Global Telecommunications Investment and LW Subsea Holdings, as well as the confidence placed in us by our anchor tenants and deployment partners AT&T, Xtera and EGS Survey. Over the past three years we have also been supported by numerous industry experts, including Arnos Telecommunications Services, Pioneer Consulting, Terabit Consulting, and Julian Rawle Consulting. The system will create a unique digital highway, specifically designed to meet the demands of our data driven age. Offering fluid capacity and bandwidth on demand, TAM-1 will provide customers with the tools and services they need to operate and upscale their networks in the most optimal way.”

“Our heritage with undersea cables goes back nearly 70 years spanning from the first trans-Atlantic telephone cable to today’s submarine-grade, state-of-the-art fiber optic systems,” said Corey Anthony, SVP – AT&T Network Operations. “At AT&T, we connect people to greater possibilities and the TAM-1 submarine cable system – the most advanced fiber optic technology available at scale – is all about delivering new connections through reliable, flexible digital infrastructure.

Keith Henderson, Chief Executive Officer of Xtera, noted, “We are extremely proud to have been awarded the contract to build the new TAM-1 submarine cable system. We have assembled a world class team of partners, and together with our industry-leading technology we are providing a solution which will make TAM-1 the most advanced Trans-American network. With our regional expertise and agile approach, we look forward to delivering the system in 2025.”