Andrew Robinson joined Xtera in 2004 and has over 30 years’ experience in the design and development of optical transmission systems for submarine and terrestrial applications. After graduating from Durham University in 1983 with an Honours Degree in Applied Physics, he joined Standard Telecommunications Ltd. Harlow, the Research Subsidiary of STC, in the Optical Systems group responsible for supporting STC’s submarine system business.  After the acquisition of STC by Nortel, he continued to work in research and development of high capacity, long distance optical systems at Nortel (UK and Canada) and subsequently with optical system start-ups Ceyba (Canada) and Azea (UK).

In his current role Andrew is Director of the System Engineering group at Xtera whose responsibilities include both pre-sales system design and system engineering during project execution. The group has been instrumental in the successful design and delivery of multiple turnkey submarine systems and upgrades by Xtera.